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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ShortMail?

ShortMail is a way for you to get a temporary email address, while still using the same inbox you are currently using. Want to signup for a store coupon, but don't want to be harrassed by marketing emails? Use ShortMail! Need a quick email to share with a colleague? Use ShortMail! For any of those occasions where you wished you had a quick "one off" email address, now you do!

How Much Does It Cost?

ShortMail is absolutely FREE! No gimmicks. No upsells. No hidden fees.

How Long Can I Use My ShortMail Address?

The default amount of time a ShortMail address is active is for 15 minutes. However, you are able to choose an amount of time ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Worried you might run out of time? Don't! Your confirmation email will contain a link that will allow you to extend the amount of time your address is active.

Can I Send Emails Through Shortmail?

We are working hard to add that feature into ShortMail. Currently, you will only be able to use ShortMail to receive emails. However, we hope to have sending functionality built soon!

How Many Addresses Can I Have?

As many as you want! Each ShortMail address is distinct, so you are able to register for as many addresses as you need. Just don't forget, once the email has expired, there isn't any way to reactivate it.

Can More Than One Email Use The Same ShortMail Address?

Sadly, that isn't possible at this point. In the future, we hope to be able to integrate "group" functionality that would allow a single ShortMail address to mail multiple email addresses. Unfortunately, we haven't quite made it that far yet.

I'm a developer. Is there an API for ShortMail?

Our API is in the works! We just have a few finishing touches to put on it, then we will announce when it is live. Want to get updates? Sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know!

Can I Contact You If My Question Wasn't Answered Here?

Of course! Here is a contact form for you to use to get in touch with us. If you'd like, you can also email us at contact@team.shortmail.io